Value Chain Management

We have developed efficient models and methodologies to help our farmers have a competitive advantage. Below are the key areas under our Value Chain Management Services.

F2UConnect© is our key differentiator and we take great pride in this solution. Through this solution, we enable a two-way and a transparent visibility of our value chain where a consumer can directly connect with the farmer.

We have tried to make this model very simple and below is how it works –

  • A consumer buys a Farm2U box of apples from a retail store
  • Each box has a unique lot number assigned to it
  • If the consumer is interested in knowing information such as farmer’s name, location, and the net profit that the farmer made, he (she) can login to THEFARM2U.COM.
  • Based on the lot number, the consumer will be able to obtain all these details about the farmer who cultivated the produce in the consumer’s hand

In 2010, Farm2U team developed an Education & Training program for the farmer community. The program was named FEAT – Farmer Empowerment Awareness Target. However, in 2012, this program was uplifted and given a more pertinent name called FEEL – Farmer Empowerment Effort to Lead.

This program is a flagship, hands-on interactive one-day seminar of the company held in at least in twelve villages annually. The seminar encapsulates farming techniques, market trends, disease control and post-harvest management. The program is generally led by our chief scientist and associates and our entire purpose is to provide information to the farmers so that they are able to make calculated decisions about their businesses.

In 2011, Farm2U analytics team developed an interactive dashboard called DmT for farmers and buyers.

DmT is an acronym for Decision-making Tool. The dashboard facilitates the farmer in his or her decision making as to which option he or she may opt to yield maximum financial benefit. The dashboard formulae have been derived after factoring in fruit production, quality and marketing trends. The variables in the model can be changes as and when required and communicated to the users. Our farmers have shown great interest in this tool and have been using it since its inception.

Based on our collective experience of over 150 years in the fruit industry, we have developed strong ties with our customers over the last four decades.  In addition to that, we have built world class distribution centers in northern India to cater to the supply of fresh produce so that the shelf life is increased. Our total storage capacity of 25,000 MT puts us in a strong position to meet the demand of our farmers.

In addition to this, we are currently finalizing the ground-breaking of a mega-distribution center in Ganaur, Haryana which would cater to a consumer base of 200 million within a radius of 300 kms. Our goal is to provide world-class marketing and distribution facilities to farmers pan-India while ensuring transparency and efficiency at an optimal cost.

Our strong pan-India presence and capabilities in the distribution of fruits has made it ideal for us to venture into imports. Our company has decided to join hands with like-minded international suppliers to import high-end products to Indian market and are in talks with some retailers in the middle-east to export high-end Indian produce.