About Us

Our Mission
Improve quality and yield at pre-harvest level, provide integrated cold chain and value-addition options at post-harvest level, develop innovative farmer-cantered financial models, eliminate non value-added costs, establish research facilities, promote farmer networking and build an ethical team

Our Vision
A transparent, efficient and innovative horticulture and agriculture value-chain that results into an empowered farmer community and a satisfied end-consumer

Farm2U is a grass-root initiative by Farm2U in the agro-economic industry of Kashmir. At Farm2U, our belief is that the farmer’s contribution to the agricultural sector is paramount and a key driver for success.

Our enterprise provides Kashmiri farmers a platform for personal empowerment and growth through best-in-class agro- techniques, methodologies and principles. Farm2U opens a world of transparent opportunities and dreams for an average Kashmiri farmer. Through our unflinching pursuit for excellence, we aim to deliver results not only to the farmer community but also to the end consumer.

Our team of young (and not so young) professionals believes in our commitment to honesty, integrity, and transparency in everything we do. We ensure that our team is passionate about our goals and strives hard to achieve them at a micro and a macro level every day.