Khuram Mir

Khuram Mir is the Founder and Chief Executive of HN Agriserve (P) Ltd. His passion to make a difference in the lives of Kashmiri farmers is what brought him back to Kashmir after spending a decade in the United States. An Industrial and Operations Research Engineer by profession, Khuram has a strong background in supply chain strategy, lean manufacturing, energy, and agriculture sectors.

Since 2008, Khuram has been working closely with Kashmiri farmers in coaching, mentoring, and motivating them to dream big and create a world of endless possibilities. Khuram believes in providing options to farmers at the ground level in order to empower them to cultivate world-class produce and put the Kashmiri apple on the map of the World.

Khuram is an avid athlete, and if not at work, you would find him skiing or scaling a mountain in some remote corner of Kashmir or the world.